Co-founders, Chairs, and Counselors


President Emeritus and Counselor (in residence)
Founding President

Chairs and Counselors

John M. Shalikashvili Chair in National Security Studies

Board of Advisors

Michael H. Armacost
Stanford University
Rodney Bindon
Bindon and Associates
Karl Eikenberry
U.S. Army (Ret.)
Donald K. Emmerson
Stanford University
Stephen E. Hanson
College of William and Mary
Harry Harding
University of Virginia
Donald C. Hellmann
University of Washington
Robert J. Herbold
The Herbold Group, LLC
Carla A. Hills
Hills & Company
Robert D. Hormats
Kissinger Associates Inc.
David M. Lampton
Stanford University
Nicholas R. Lardy
Peterson Institute for International Economics
Richard Lawless
New Magellan Ventures
Chae-Jin Lee
Claremont McKenna College
Kenneth Lieberthal
Brookings Institution
William J. Lynn, III
Leonardo North America and DRS Technologies, Inc.
Rajan Menon
City College of New York
Mary Minnick
Lion Capital
Sam Nunn
Nuclear Threat Initiative
Joseph Nye Jr.
Harvard University
Stanley Palmer
Marvin & Palmer Associates, Inc.
Dwight H. Perkins
Harvard University
Thomas Pickering
The Boeing Company (Ret.)
Clarine Nardi Riddle
Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP
Stanley Roth
The Boeing Company (Ret.)
Sheldon W. Simon
Arizona State University


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Slade Gorton
Robert A. Scalapino
Robert Gilpin