We embrace independence, excellence, inclusion, integrity, entrepreneurship, and effectiveness as core values at NBR. These values inform every decision made and every action taken by our people and direct their efforts toward common goals.

How Our Values Inform the Way We Work


We set our own research agenda and conduct our work in a way that is objective and nonpartisan.


We have a steadfast commitment to bring the best minds in the world to bear on policy challenges. The excellence we strive for in every aspect of our work results in research that is original, innovative, visionary, and reliably consequential for decision-makers.


We encourage frank, non-hierarchical communication and intentionally cultivate an environment in which every NBR employee is treated as an integral part of our mission-focused team. We embrace diversity in the recruitment of staff and our global network of experts and actively harness and reward the knowledge, experience, and creativity of our staff and experts regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or economic status. Learn more.


We are committed to being open and accountable in our research and business practices and to delivering results that reinforce our reputation us a trusted source for decision-makers in both the public and private sectors.


We encourage initiative, reward innovation, and create avenues for staff to propose, cultivate, and test ideas. We emphasize creative approaches in research, problem solving, and staff development.


We foster keen judgment and decision-making to ensure the optimal impact of our resources and the policy relevance of our work. As a result, we are known for groundbreaking research and programming of the highest quality.

Our values reflect the influence of three exceptional leaders whose legacies have made a lasting impact on NBR: Senator Henry M. Jackson, Senator Slade Gorton, and Jane T. Russell. We are investing in the future through fellowships, internships, and awards that are shaping the next generation around these values.