Ashley Dutta
Senior Director, Center for Innovation, Trade, and Strategy

Center for Innovation, Trade, and Strategy

The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) has launched a new center to craft a comprehensive, 21st-century U.S. economic and trade strategy for the Indo-Pacific. The Center for Innovation, Trade, and Strategy aims to strengthen job growth, innovation, security, and competitiveness while expanding the United States’ international leadership and informing how economic policy should be integrated into U.S. diplomacy.

Research Priorities

The Trade Center convenes leading experts to develop a forward-looking U.S. economic and trade strategy that leverages the strengths of the United States and expands U.S. leadership in the Indo-Pacific, charting a positive vision for U.S. trade, investment, and leadership in the world’s fastest-growing economic regions and assessing risks in a new global environment.

The China Strategy Task Force

NBR has convened a taskforce of a dozen China experts with business, academic, and policy backgrounds to craft recommendations for U.S. economic strategy toward China. The taskforce is focusing on creative long-term solutions rather than only examining problems.

Building the Framework for U.S. Trade and Investment

Following the U.S. withdrawal from the TPP, the Center is working to identify and create new opportunities to generate economic growth for the United States and key allies, strengthen U.S. economic leadership, and incentivize high-standard, rules-based trade in this critical region.

Assessing Options for Spurring Digital Trade Growth

There is currently no framework to govern global digital flows, and there are a variety of competing approaches to data privacy and security. With digital flows responsible for more GDP growth globally than trade in traditional goods, and half of the world’s internet users in the Asia-Pacific, it is crucial the United States develop a thoughtful agenda for the future of digital trade in this region.

The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property

The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property (IP Commission) has shone a powerful spotlight on the widespread and devastating problem IP theft, raising it to a top tier national priority. The Commission continues to propose thoughtful U.S. and multilateral policy responses to mitigate ongoing and future damage and strengthen enforcement of IP rights.

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