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NBR Reports are occasional papers on special topics conducted by the world’s leading experts in Asian affairs.

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Meeting China's Nuclear and WMD Buildup: Regional Threat Perceptions and Responses

Meeting China’s Nuclear and WMD Buildup: Regional Threat Perceptions and Responses

(May 2024)

This NBR Special Report presents case studies of how six regional countries (Australia, India, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam) view China’s development of its nuclear weapons and other WMD capabilities. The case studies are preceded by an introduction from editor Bates Gill that discusses key findings and policy implications.

Past NBR Reports

Encounters and Escalation in the Indo-Pacific: Perspectives on China’s Military and Implications for Regional Security
May 2024
U.S.-ROK Tech Cooperation: Export Controls, Data Policy, and Artificial Intelligence
March 2024
Critical Technology Supply Chains in the Asia-Pacific: Options for the United States to De-risk and Diversify
November 2023
The Revenge of Energy Security: Reconciling Asia’s Economic Security with Climate Ambitions
November 2023
Charting a New Course for the Pacific Islands: Strategic Pathways for U.S.-Micronesia Engagement
March 2023
Meeting China's Emerging Capabilities: Countering Advances in Cyber, Space, and Autonomous Systems
December 2022
Critical Minerals: Global Supply Chains and Indo-Pacific Geopolitics
November 2022
A Path to Net Zero: Opportunities for U.S.-ROK Technology Collaboration
September 2022
Political Front Lines: China's Pursuit of Influence in Africa
June 2022
Dynamics of Assertiveness in the South China Sea
May 2022
(In)Roads and Outposts: Critical Infrastructure in China’s Africa Strategy
May 2022
China’s Digital Ambitions: A Global Strategy to Supplant the Liberal Order
March 2022
Meeting China’s Military Challenge: Collective Responses of U.S. Allies and Partners
January 2022
Guardians of Intellectual Property in the 21st Century: The Global Supply Chain Industry
December 2021
India's Energy Future: Designing and Implementing a Sustainable Power Mix
December 2021
Taiwan’s Response to Disinformation: A Model for Coordination to Counter a Complicated Threat
September 2021
Investments in Energy Transition
July 2021
A New Great Game? Situating Africa in China’s Strategic Thinking
June 2021
Murky Waters in the East China Sea:
Chinese Gray-Zone Operations and U.S.-Japan Alliance Cooperation
May 2021
Powering Southeast Asia
December 2020
Exploring India's Strategic Futures
September 2020
An Emerging China-Centric Order: China's Vision for a New World Order in Practice
March 2020
A New U.S. Strategy for the Indo-Pacific
June 2020
Chinese Perspectives on International Relations in the Xi Jinping Era
June 2020
Networked Benefits: Realizing the Potential of 5G in South Korea
May 2020
China's Vision for a New World Order
January 2020
Partial Disengagement: A New U.S. Strategy for Economic Competition with China
November 2019
Revolutionizing LNG and Natural Gas in the Indo-Pacific
October 2019
Securing the Belt and Road Initiative: China's Evolving Military Engagement Along the Silk Roads
September 2019
Sino-Russian Relations: Perspectives from Russia, China, and Japan
May 2019
The China-Russia Entente and the Korean Peninsula
March 2019
Taiwan’s Potential Role in the Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy
March 2019
Answering China's Economic Challenge
February 2019
Charting a Path for a Stronger U.S.-Japan Economic Partnership
February 2019
The Emerging Russia-Asia Energy Nexus
December 2018
China-Russia Relations: Strategic Implications and U.S. Policy Options
September 2018
Tenets of a Regional Defense Strategy
August 2018
Innovation Policy and the Implications for Healthcare and the Life Sciences
March 2018
The Case for U.S.-ROK-Japan Trilateralism
February 2018
Reconstructing Taiwan's Military Strategy
February 2018
Asia's Energy Security and China's Belt and Road Initiative
November 2017
North Korea and Asia's Evolving Nuclear Landscape
August 2017
Russia-China Relations: Assessing Common Ground and Strategic Fault Lines
July 2017
The Future of the U.S.-ROK Alliance: Change and Continuity in North Korea Policy
April 2017
Japan and the Sino-Russian Entente
April 2017
Asia's Energy Security amid Global Market Change
December 2016
Taiwan: Asia's Orphan?
December 2016
Pakistan's Strategic Culture
December 2016
Australia's Strategic Culture and Asia's Changing Regional Order
December 2016
U.S.-ROK-Japan Trilateralism
July 2016
Approaching Critical Mass
May 2016
U.S.-China Relations in Strategic Domains
April 2016
The Rise of Chinese Innovation in the Life Sciences
April 2016
Mapping Pakistan's Internal Dynamics
February 2016
Taiwan's Strong but Stifled Foundations of National Power
January 2016
Indonesia: A Regional Energy Leader in Transition
December 2015
Strategic Assistance and the U.S.-Japan Alliance
June 2015
U.S., Japanese, and Asian Energy Security in a New Energy Era
April 2015
Global Perspectives on the Continuing Evolution of India's IP Policy
March 2015
U.S.-New Zealand Ties Returning to Normal
December 2014
Rival Regionalisms and Regional Order
December 2014
China's Energy Crossroads
November 2014
Adapting to a New Energy Era
September 2014
Myanmar's Growing Regional Role
March 2014
Asia's Uncertain LNG Future
November 2013
Beijing and the Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia
June 2013
China's Soft Power in East Asia
January 2013
Oil and Gas for Asia
September 2012
Reinvigorating the U.S.-Thailand Alliance
June 2012
India's Security Challenges at Home and Abroad
May 2012
Health Security Challenges in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
February 2012
Maritime Energy Resources in Asia: Legal Regimes and Cooperation
February 2012
Nontraditional Security Challenges in Nepal
January 2012
Maritime Energy Resources in Asia: Energy and Geopolitics
December 2011
Nontraditional Security Challenges in India
November 2011
The United States-Thailand Alliance
December 2011
Nontraditional Security Threats in Pakistan
November 2011
Asia's Rising Energy and Resource Nationalism
September 2011
Overcoming Barriers to Maritime Cooperation in East and Southeast Asia
July 2011
China's IP Transition
July 2011
Ecological and Nontraditional Security Challenges in South Asia
June 2011
Foreign Military Activities in Asian EEZS
May 2011
Toward a New Chinese Order in Asia
March 2011
Politics, Public Opinion, and the U.S.-Indonesian Comprehensive Partnership
December 2010
Maritime Security in Southeast Asia
November 2010
The Intersection of Demand, Energy Markets, and Supply Routes
September 2010
Muslim Grassroots Leaders and Popular Preachers in South Asia
February 2010
Counterterrorism Cooperation in South Asia
January 2010
Drug Trafficking and Security in Afghanistan and Pakistan
December 2009
Development and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan and Pakistan
May 2011
Secure Land Rights as a Foundation for Broad-Based Rural Development in China
November 2009
Managing Unmet Expectations in the U.S.-Japan Alliance
November 2009
Assessing the Trilateral Strategic Dialogue
December 2008
Standards, Stakeholders, and Innovation: China's Evolving Role in the Global Knowledge Economy
September 2008
The Rise of Asia's National Oil Companies
December 2007
North Korea and Iran: Nuclear Futures and Regional Responses
June 2007
Russia and the WTO: A Progress Report
March 2007
Quantifying Innovative Strength through Improved Service Sector Metrics
February 2007
Technology, Institutions, and Politics in the Development of China's National Standards Strategy
June 2006
HIV/AIDS in the Muslim World
June 2005
Asia's Rightful Place in the American Trade Agenda
March 2005
China's Post-WTO Technology Policy
May 2004
China and WTO Compliance: Postal and Express Delivery Services
June 2004
Japan, the United States, and East Asia: Emerging Regional Challenges
March 2004
The Strategic Importance of U.S.-South Korean Economic Relations
October 2003
China's WTO Accession
November 2002
Survey of U.S.-Japan Security Studies and International Economics
November 2001