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The Second Belt and Road Forum: Xi’s Reassessment and Recalibration of BRI

Nadège Rolland and Rush Doshi

NBR Senior Fellow Nadège Rolland and Brookings-Yale Postdoctoral Fellow in Foreign Policy Rush Doshi discuss the recent Belt and Road Forum.

Topics discussed include takeaways from the forum, the strategic implications of BRI, forecasting China’s moves, and more.



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Energy Security

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May 29, 2019
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Belt and Road Initiative

The Second Belt and Road Forum
Xi’s Reassessment and Recalibration of BRI

Rush Doshi and Nadège Rolland
Podcast | May 16, 2019
China's Grand Strategy

China’s Vision to Shape the Indo-Pacific Region
Ambitions and Constraints

Ashley J. Tellis, Alison Szalwinski, and Michael Wills
Podcast | Feb 12, 2019
U.S. Asia Policy

Indo-Pacific Issues in 2019

Richard J. Ellings and Dan Aum
Podcast | Dec 20, 2018

Expert Spotlight

Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert

John M. Shalikashvili Chair in National Security Studies

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