Protecting American Intellectual Property Act of 2022

The IP Commission has long argued that the best way to reduce the scale and scope of IP theft is to fundamentally change the calculus for individual bad actors, and subjecting them to targeted U.S. sanctions accomplishes that objective. This legislation is an excellent and long overdue first step.

Dennis Blair


Maritime Awareness Visualization Dashboard

Maritime Assertiveness Visualization Dashboard


The Maritime Assertiveness Visualization Dashboard is an interactive online tool illustrating key findings of the report “Dynamics of Assertiveness in the South China Sea: China, the Philippines, and Vietnam, 1970–2015.” The report draws on qualitative and quantitative data to identify historical trends of assertive behavior between China, the Philippines, and Vietnam and assess the implications for the disputes in the South China Sea.


Expert Spotlight

Jonathan Greenert

Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert

John M. Shalikashvili Chair in National Security Studies


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Energy Security

Energy on the Hill: Changing Energy Landscapes in the Indo-Pacific

Event Video
Washington, D.C.
Dec 1, 2022

Minilateralism in the Indo-Pacific: An Effective Approach for Deterrence?

Event Video
Virtual Event
Nov 17, 2022
Digital Transformation

Leading a Competitive and Resilient Indo-Pacific Digital Transformation

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Oct 13, 2022

President’s Circle

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President's Circle

“Daring to Struggle: China in the New U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy” with Bates Gill

Event Summary
Washington, D.C. & Virtual
Jun 21, 2022
President's Circle

“The Current State of Affairs on the Korean Peninsula” with John S. Park

Event Summary
Virtual Event
May 12, 2022

Chairman’s Council

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Chairman's Council

Roundtable with Eric Heginbotham

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Oct 19, 2022
Chairman's Council

Roundtable with Admiral John Aquilino

Event Summary
Sep 26, 2022
Chairman's Council

Roundtable with Ambassador Sang-Woo Lim

Chairman's Council
Virtual Event
Aug 31, 2022


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The Evolution of the Quad amid the War in Ukraine
Perspectives from the Four Partners

Hayley Channer, Sheila A. Smith, Alison Szalwinski, and Akriti Vasudeva
Podcast | May 27, 2022
Hong Kong

Under New Management
Hong Kong’s Future under Chief Executive John Lee

Yvonne Chiu and William C. McCahill Jr.
Podcast | May 4, 2022
China's Digital Strategy

China’s Strategic Approach to the Digital Revolution
Podcast Series

Emily de La Bruyère, Nigel Cory, Samantha Hoffman, Greg Levesque, Doug Strub, Karen M. Sutter, and Matt Turpin
Podcast Series | Apr 8, 2022