In short, as China secures its long-term presence in African critical infrastructure, it may be outlining the future map of Sinocentric globalization.

Nadege Rolland

Trade and Innovation

Expert Spotlight

Jonathan Greenert

Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert

John M. Shalikashvili Chair in National Security Studies


Asia Insight

Podcasts on Russia

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
Podcast with Marcin Kaczmarski, Elizabeth Wishnick, and Michael Wills

China-Russia Cooperation
Podcast with Robert Sutter and Roy D. Kamphausen


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China's Challenge

NBR Summer Seminar 2022

Upcoming Seminar
Seattle - June 20 -
Aug 12, 2022
China's Digital Strategy

Identifying and Countering China’s Global Digital Strategy (London)

Event Video
Apr 17, 2022

President’s Circle

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President's Circle

Bangladesh’s Foreign Policy and the Bay of Bengal Initiative

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Apr 7, 2022

Developments in Taiwan’s Democracy

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Nov 17, 2021
President's Circle

Regional Security in Asia

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Aug 24, 2021

Chairman’s Council

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Chairman's Council

Roundtable with Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Mar 2, 2022
Chairman's Council

Roundtable with Admiral John Aquilino

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Sep 30, 2021
Chairman's Council

Roundtable with Minister Joseph Wu

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Jul 14, 2021


Hong Kong

Under New Management
Hong Kong’s Future under Chief Executive John Lee

Yvonne Chiu and William C. McCahill Jr.
Podcast | May 4, 2022
China's Digital Strategy

China’s Strategic Approach to the Digital Revolution
Podcast Series

Emily de La Bruyère, Nigel Cory, Samantha Hoffman, Greg Levesque, Doug Strub, Karen M. Sutter, and Matt Turpin
Podcast Series | Apr 8, 2022

Rethinking U.S.-Japan Relations through Policies on Decarbonization

Izuru Makihara, Clare Richardson-Barlow, and Runsen Zhang
Podcast | Apr 1, 2022