NBR is pleased to offer the ninth iteration of its three-day executive education course on China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on March 6–8, 2024, in Washington, D.C. Chad Sbragia, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for China, will serve as the senior mentor, providing key context and takeaways to participants throughout the course.

Chad Sbragia



Expert Spotlight

Jonathan Greenert

Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert

John M. Shalikashvili Chair in National Security Studies


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Technology Policy

2024 Pacific Technology Policy Conference

Upcoming Event
Mar 13, 2024
Trade and Economics

Reshaping Economic Interdependence in the Indo-Pacific

Event Video
Washington, DC
Nov 14, 2023

President’s Circle

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President's Circle

“Gas, Asia, and the Energy Transition” with Leslie Palti-Guzman

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Oct 23, 2023
President's Circle

“The Way Ahead for AUKUS” with Abe Denmark

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Aug 30, 2023

Chairman’s Council

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Chairman's Council

Roundtable with Ambassador Bi-khim Hsiao

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Nov 7, 2023
Chairman's Council

Roundtable with Ambassador Ahn Ho-young

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Sep 26, 2023
Chairman's Council

Roundtable with Tadashi Maeda

Event Summary
Virtual Event
Aug 23, 2023


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APEC 2023

Assessing U.S. Objectives for APEC 2023

Charles W. Boustany, Shihoko Goto, and Robert Holleyman
Podcast | Apr 14, 2023
Critical Minerals

Quad Geopolitics
Critical Minerals Competition

Niharika Tagotra, Kristin Vekasi, and Thomas Lutken
Podcast | Apr 6, 2023
Digital Transformation

Japan’s Digital Transformation
Industry Advancements and Government Goals

Daisuke Kawai, Ulrike Schaede, and Doug Strub
Podcast | Mar 28, 2023