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Slade Gorton International Policy Center

The Slade Gorton International Policy Center will be the living legacy of Senator Gorton’s extraordinary contributions to the Nation and Washington State. The Gorton Center will have three research priorities. First, the Gorton Center will incorporate and build on ongoing NBR initiatives to sponsor research in economics and trade, energy security, energy and the environment, and other important issues.

Second, the Gorton Center will build on NBR’s robust program of terrorism-related studies and leverage Slade’s work as the first permanently appointed member of the 9/11 Commission to address how the United States is organized to meet the difficult intelligence questions of our time. Third, the Gorton Center will embark on a new initiative in keeping with Senator Gorton’s—and Senator Scoop Jackson’s—passion for encouraging the pursuit of freedom, democracy, security, and prosperity throughout the world. Underscoring the proposition that open societies, rule of law, and vigilant defense are essential to a peaceful, just, and prosperous future, the Gorton Center will seek to understand the nexus of freedom and security in an Asian context.


For more information on the Slade Gorton International Policy Center or to provide financial support to the Gorton Center, please contact:

Casey Bruner
Project Associate
Slade Gorton International Policy Center

The IP Commission Report

On May 22, 2013, The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual property (the IP Commission) released its final report at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The IP Commission was supported by unrestricted funding provided by The National Bureau of Asian Research and its Slade Gorton International Policy Center. Commission members include Gov. Jon Huntsman, Adm. Dennis Blair, Sen. Slade Gorton, and others. For more information on the IP Commission or to read its final report, please visit

The 9/11 Conference

NBR's Slade Gorton International Policy Center held "The 9/11 Conference: Security Solutions for the Next Ten Years" on September 9, 2011. Tracy Reinhold (FBI) and other top leaders from policy, industry, and academe joined 9/11 Commissioners Slade Gorton and Bob Kerrey to assess today's most pressing terrorism threats and to discuss solutions for a more secure world. Learn more and access the conference report and conference video.

Slade Gorton: A Half Century in Politics

Co-published by the Slade Gorton International Policy Center and the Washington State Heritage Center, this biography by John Hughes covers the Senator’s early life, years in the Washington State Legislature, three terms as Washington State Attorney General, three terms as U.S. Senator, and post-Senate career, including his time on the 9/11 Commission. View video from the November 17 book launch event and order the book.

The Next Ten Years of Post-9/11 Security Efforts

Sen. Slade Gorton, the first permanent appointment to the 9/11 Commission, says intelligence-sharing and cooperation within the government have improved in the ten years since the September 11 attacks, but the U.S. has fallen short of the commission’s recommendations for allocating intelligence funding and reforming congressional oversight.

Gorton Center Case for Support

The Gorton Center will pursue significant policy research by employing a lean, core staff who will collaborate with top institutions and contract with premier scholars to conduct research, hold seminars and briefings, and engage decisionmakers.

Policy Research

The Gorton Center will incorporate and build on current NBR projects in the Economic and Trade Affairs group. It will also address the defense issues central to Senator Gorton’s work on the 9/11 Commission.

Fellows and Internship Programs

The Gorton Center will recruit promising young professionals to pass on Slade’s values and provide them with policy experience at the Gorton Center and on staff in U.S. Senate offices. Learn more.

"Slade has provided an extraordinary set of standards by which to measure NBR's intellectual rigor, effectiveness, and integrity. For this and all that he has done over the past half century, it is fitting that NBR establish the Slade Gorton International Policy Center...."

Richard J. Ellings, President, The National Bureau of Asian Research