Alison Szalwinski
Vice President of Research
[email protected]

Strength to Strength

The Future of the U.S.-Australia Alliance

From fighting side by side in World War I to cooperating on cybersecurity today, the United States and Australia have been partners for more than a century. The U.S.-Australia alliance continues to play a decisive role in both countries’ strategies for economic prosperity and security in the Indo-Pacific and beyond. Yet the future of the alliance is sure to face unforeseen challenges and opportunities in a global environment marked by technological innovation, economic change, and nontraditional threats to international security. To further explore these opportunities and challenges with the leaders of the future, NBR, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Canberra, the Australian National University (ANU), and Flinders University, convened workshops in Australia in Canberra and Adelaide featuring U.S. and Australian experts on the alliance from a range of backgrounds. Through a diverse selection of participants, these workshops fostered understanding and forward-thinking strategies among Australia’s emerging leaders.