National Asia Research Program

Asia’s resurgence is a turning point in world history. In the decades ahead, many of our country’s greatest interests overseas—opportunities as well as challenges—will be in Asia. Accordingly, America must be better prepared to understand the implications of developments in Asia for our nation’s economic vitality, diplomacy, natural environment, and security concerns.

NBR and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars therefore partnered to organize the National Asia Research Program (NARP), a major research and conference program designed to reinvigorate and advance the policy-relevant study of contemporary Asia.

At the core of the National Asia Research Program was a class of Research Associates and Research Fellows who were selected through a competitive, nationwide selection process. These scholars were chosen based on their research into issues of strategic importance to U.S. interests in Asia. NBR and the Wilson Center supported the research of these Associates and Fellows during their two-year terms and worked to bring their research issues to the attention of U.S. policymakers, through publications, the flagship Asia Policy Assembly, regional conferences, and policy briefings.


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