Clara Gillispie
The National Bureau of Asian Research

China's Strategies on Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Standards, and Innovation

In the thirty years since China began to reform and open its economy, China’s intellectual property rights (IPR) landscape has become a complex, multifaceted, and contentious environment. At the same time, Chinese perspectives are influencing the global discourse on IPR, and domestic policies related to intellectual property, standards, and innovation are increasingly affecting international trade. Given the vital importance of these issues to the future of the global economy, there is a need for greater understanding of China’s evolving policies and their implications for U.S. interests in the region.

Since the mid-1990s, NBR has been at the forefront of analyzing and researching China’s IPR regime and industrial policies, including technology standards, innovation policy, and intellectual property protection. Drawing from a comprehensive network of scholars, practitioners, and policymakers, NBR analyzes these important issues and informs U.S. and Chinese leaders on policy implications through high-level briefings, conferences, reports, workshops, and working papers.

For a printable overview of initiative research, download the China’s IP, Technology, and Innovation Strategies brochure.