America’s Alliances and Partnerships in the Midst of Strategic Competition

America’s Alliances and Partnerships in the Midst of Strategic Competition

Podcast with Kazutoshi Aikawa and James F. Moriarty
August 29, 2019

In this episode of NBR’s Asia Insight podcast series, Kazutoshi Aikawa and James F. Moriarty discuss the unique relationship between Taiwan and the United States, assess what makes alliances work best, and analyze the current U.S.-Japan alliance. The discussion, moderated by Roy Kamphausen, took place at the Asia Policy Assembly on June 19.

Kazutoshi Aikawa is the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C.

James F. Moriarty is Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the American Institute in Taiwan.

Time Stamps

[2:26] Kamphausen introduces the panelists and topic.

[9:47] Moriarty examines the economic, security, and social realms of the U.S.-Taiwan relationship.

[14:07] He discusses U.S. support of Taiwan’s involvement in international organizations.

[16:39] He assesses the deterioration of cross-strait relations.

[18:55] He details U.S. interests in regional stability.

[21:11] Aikawa discusses the United States’ alliances.

[27:46] He discusses Taiwan-Japan relations.

[28:54] He discusses bilateral relations between Japan and China.

[31:58] He highlights science and technology as an important aspect of the U.S.-Japan alliance.

[33:40] Kamphausen asks Moriarty what the strengths of the U.S.-Taiwan relationship are and asks Aikawa what elements in the last decade have strengthened U.S.-Japan ties.

[35:32] Moriarty emphasizes that the Taiwan Relations Act is at the core of U.S. policy toward Taiwan and discusses its impact on U.S. policy.

[40:45] Aikawa lists the factors that changed Japan in the last decade and led to a stronger U.S.-Japan alliance.

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