Clara Gillispie
Senior Director of Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs
Ashley Johnson
Project Manager, Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs

2019 Pacific Energy Summit

Advancing Energy and Environmental Security in the Indo-Pacific:
Translating Vision into Action

On October 10, the National Bureau of Asian Research and the Asian Development Bank Institute will co-host the 2019 Pacific Energy Summit in Tokyo, Japan.


Over the next two decades, the Indo-Pacific will account for two-thirds of the growth in global energy demand, and by 2035 it will account for one-half of total global energy consumption. Meeting rapidly rising energy demand, while simultaneously shifting toward a far cleaner energy mix, will be a key challenge for future economic prosperity and strategic stability.

How policymakers across the region respond to this challenge, while also adapting to rapidly changing energy markets, will determine their success in efforts to improve energy access, raise standards of living, reduce suffocating air pollution, and address critical climate risks.

With this in mind, the 2019 Summit is exploring practical, actionable steps that Japan, the United States, and others can take to advance energy security in the Indo-Pacific. Summit sessions on a range of topics—from how to accelerate the development of sustainable infrastructure to strategies for building engaged constituencies around implementation of climate and energy security goals—will emphasize three recurring themes:

  • Understanding the region’s energy demand trajectories under a business-as-usual scenario and considering how policymakers are seeking to shape these trends to further strengthen energy and environmental security.
  • Helping policymakers, especially from developing Asia, translate new and revitalized approaches into projects that address political risk and other market and policy constraints.
  • Exploring efforts to elevate the global dialogue on best practices for catalyzing investment in sustainable energy systems.

Throughout the program, top leaders from the policy, industry, and research communities will engage in a frank, interactive discussion alongside an expert-level audience.


8:30 | Registration and Coffee

9:00 | Welcome Remarks

9:20 | Visions for an Energy-Secure Indo-Pacific

11:00 | Bringing Quality Infrastructure to Scale

12:30 | Lunch and Discussion
ADBI Book Launch: “Achieving Energy Security in Asia: Diversification, Integration, and Policy Implications”

13:30 | Energy, Trade, and Trade Tensions

15:15 | What More Is Needed to Ensure That Energy and Climate Policies Are Implemented?

16:45 | Call to Action and Concluding Remarks

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