Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs


Clara Gillispie
The National Bureau of Asian Research

The mission of the Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs (TEEA) group is to foster collaborative solutions to common challenges facing the United States and Asia in these arenas. Guided by an in-house research team and a select group of senior advisors, TEEA’s research focuses on three broad areas: energy security and policy; energy and the environment; and trade, investment, and economic engagement.

Employing a “network of experts” model, TEEA collaborates with a broad range of U.S. and Asian specialists from industry, academia, and government to conduct innovative research and convene high-level dialogues that result in actionable policy recommendations. Our experts share insights through a number of channels, including workshops and conferences, publications, commentaries, and corporate and policy briefings. Through these efforts, TEEA helps to bridge the gap between industry and policy.


Charles W. Boustany Jr. Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr.
U.S. House of Representatives (ret.)
Mikkal E. Herberg Mikkal E. Herberg
University of California San Diego
Se Hyun Ahn Se Hyun Ahn
Seoul University
Meredith Miller Meredith Miller
Albright Stonebridge Group
Clara Gillispie Clara Gillispie
The National Bureau of Asian Research