China’s Evolving Intellectual Property Landscape

The Slade Gorton International Policy Center and the Kenneth B. and Anne H.H. Pyle Center for Northeast Asian Studies hosted a roundtable discussion on China’s Evolving Intellectual Property Landscape with featured guest Richard P. Suttmeier on April 12, 2011. The discussion was moderated by former U.S. Senator Slade Gorton.

Dr. Suttmeier’s remarks focused on China’s intellectual property strategy, indigenous innovation policies, and the implications for the international community. Attending the event were local business leaders, non-profit executives, congressional staff members, university professors, and students.


Speaker Bio

Richard P. Suttmeier is Professor of Political Science (Emeritus) at the University of Oregon. He has written widely on science and technology development issues in China. His current research includes a study of China’s intellectual property strategy and an examination of the changing nature of China’s innovation system.