Slade Gorton Policy Center

Slade Gorton Policy Center

“My greatest legacy will not be any particular legislation, but the hundreds of young people who have worked with me over the years who have gone on to become leaders themselves.”

—Slade Gorton

Deborah Hazlegrove
“Slade’s lasting legacy can be seen in his mentorship of the students in the Gorton Leaders Program. Slade enjoyed watching the students’ leadership abilities develop throughout the program, no matter their field of study or political views.”
—Deborah Hazlegrove
The Slade Gorton Policy Center, founded in 2010, is a policy research center at the National Bureau of Asian Research established in honor of former U.S. Senator Slade Gorton’s 60-plus years of public service to Washington State and the nation. The Center works to inspire the next generation of leaders in the field of international affairs. The Center’s work promotes Senator Gorton’s values of principled leadership, rigorous analysis, intellectual pursuit, integrity, effectiveness, bipartisanship, and public service.

Tribute to Senator Gorton

NBR was deeply saddened by the death of Senator Slade Gorton on August 19, 2020. Read a tribute to Senator Gorton.


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