Meagan Araki
Project Manager
Slade Gorton Policy Center

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Deborah Hazlegrove
President of the Slade Gorton Policy Center

Slade Gorton Policy Center

The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) is deeply saddened by the death of Senator Slade Gorton on August 19, 2020. Read a tribute to Senator Gorton.

About the Gorton Center

The Slade Gorton Policy Center honors Senator Gorton’s extraordinary contributions to the nation and Washington State. The Gorton Center will have three research priorities. First, the Gorton Center will incorporate and build on ongoing NBR initiatives to sponsor research in economics and trade, energy security, energy and the environment, and other important issues.

Second, the Gorton Center will build on NBR’s robust program of terrorism-related studies and leverage Slade’s work as the first permanently appointed member of the 9/11 Commission to address how the United States is organized to meet the difficult intelligence questions of our time. Third, the Gorton Center will embark on a new initiative in keeping with Senator Gorton’s—and Senator Scoop Jackson’s—passion for encouraging the pursuit of freedom, democracy, security, and prosperity throughout the world. Underscoring the proposition that open societies, rule of law, and vigilant defense are essential to a peaceful, just, and prosperous future, the Gorton Center will seek to understand the nexus of freedom and security in an Asian context.


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