The Business Case
Why and How Should Industry Engage in Maternal and Newborn Health? (2011 Update)

August 15, 2011

Why does the role of industry matter in maternal and newborn health (MNH) and how can the private sector best engage in this field? This Business Case report provides resources and recommendations for how and why industry players can partner with MNH organizations—using a business-centric approach.

This 2011 updated edition now features a “Voices of Industry” section, where corporate leaders and their MNH partners share thoughtful ideas and approaches that industry can apply towards creating impactful change in MNH in the Asia Pacific and beyond.

Read this Business Case report, part of the NBR Center for Health and Aging’s Impact & Innovation Series, to learn about key ways the private sector can contribute to the field of MNH, including:

  • How can industry contribute to implementing or promoting improvements in MNH outcomes in developing countries in a sustainable yet still business-minded way?
  • How can businesses contribute to ensuring that innovations, products, and modern technologies for MNH, and health more broadly, reach those most in need?
  • How can companies whose core business is not overtly focused on mothers and babies still engage and contribute to improving MNH—beyond simply writing a check?