Keeping the Trust
Targeting Communication Gaps and Driving Vaccine Confidence

October 21, 2011

What are key factors behind different societies’ faith in the efficacy of life-saving vaccines? This report pulls key quotes and opinions from a plenary session of the 2011 Pacific Health Summit on the topic. It highlights a discussion between policy, industry, and academic leaders from around the globe on how effective communication efforts can address vaccine confidence concerns when they do occur. Contributors include the Joint Secretary of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Nigeria’s Minister of State for Health, the Vice Chairman of Johnson & Johnson’s Executive Committee, the Director of Immunization for the United Kingdom, the Director of Immunization for the U.S. CDC, and many others.

About the Pacific Health Summit

Since its inception in 2005, the Summit mission was to connect science, industry, and policy for a healthier world. By fostering substantive, cross-sector communication, the Secretariat sought to catalyze strategic alliances that will produce long-term results and partnerships. Learn more.