Asia Policy 15 (January 2013)

Asia Policy 15
January 2013

January 15, 2013 ISSN 1559-0968

Asia Policy 15 includes two roundtables, one on regional perspectives on the U.S. policy of strategic rebalancing toward the Asia-Pacific and one on the challenges ahead for new leaders in Northeast Asia; articles on India’s balancing act between the United States and Iran and on China’s participation in global governance; an essay on Japan’s soft power; and a book review roundtable on Japan’s and China’s use of soft power in East Asia.


Regional Perspectives on U.S. Strategic Rebalancing

Yan Xuetong, Barry Desker, Kitti Prasirtsuk, Peter Jennings, Noboru Yamaguchi, C. Raja Mohan, Chaesung Chun, Abraham M. Denmark, and Alexander Chieh-cheng Huang


Northeast Asia’s New Leaders and the Challenges Ahead

Yoichiro Sato, Ren Xiao, Sung-Yoon Lee, and Travis Tanner


Balancing Rivals: India’s Tightrope between Iran and the United States

Harsh V. Pant and Julie M. Super


China’s Participation in Global Governance from a Comparative Perspective

Hongying Wang and Erik French


Toward a Universal Japan: Taking a Harder Look at Japanese Soft Power

Hanscom Smith

Book Review Roundtable

Jing Sun’s Japan and China as Charm Rivals: Soft Power in Regional Diplomacy

Weston S. Konishi, Lam Peng Er, David C. Kang, Robert Sutter, Andrew L. Oros, Jing Sun, and Sheng Ding

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