Maritime Awareness Project

The Maritime Awareness Project (MAP) combines interactive mapping technology with rigorous analyses from the world’s leading maritime experts to serve as the authoritative resource on maritime issues. The purpose of the project is to set maritime developments in broader strategic perspective, facilitating a better understanding of economic and security interests at sea. In doing so, MAP equips the media, policymakers, scholars, and the wider public with a comprehensive tool to discover the full complexities of the maritime domain.

There are differing scales and scopes of maritime disputes throughout the world. In the Asia-Pacific, competing territorial claims in the East and South China Seas have become intractable features of the security landscape. Confrontations between claimants, both at sea and in the diplomatic arena, have escalated in recent years as historical narratives collide with modern geopolitics. Given this pressing reality, the Maritime Awareness Project begins its exploration of maritime security issues in the Asia-Pacific region, to be followed later by an expansion into other bodies of water throughout the world.

The project features an Interactive Map and Incident Timeline as well as satellite imagery of islands controlled by Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and China, including images of China’s land reclamation work. Leading experts on the maritime, air, and space domains critically assess issues related to maritime security in the Asia-Pacific in the MAP Analysis series.