The FY22 NDAA, U.S. Strategic Posture, and the Korean Peninsula

As Congressional committees square up to debate the FY22 national defense bill, how can its provisions optimize U.S. policy and force posture to deter North Korea and assure South Korea? How has the situation on the Korean Peninsula changed over the past four years and what shifts in U.S. posture and policy might those changes merit? Join NBR to discuss how declaratory policy, missile defense, arms control, and new and modernized nuclear and conventional capabilities fit together to meet U.S. objectives on the Korean Peninsula and in the broader Indo-Pacific. This event will take place under Chatham House rules.


Ankit Panda, Stanton Senior Fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program
at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Markus Garlauskas, Non-resident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council &
former National Intelligence Officer for North Korea (2014–20)

Joshua Nezam, Director of Congressional Affairs at the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR)