NBR Summer Seminar 2021

The China Challenge

June 21–August 13, 2021

China poses an unprecedented challenge for the United States and the rules-based liberal international order. The challenge spans multiple dimensions from human rights, military, economics, and technology to global governance. To better understand China and formulate effective policy, the United States needs to train a new generation of leaders who possess a deep understanding of China’s challenge to the United States and how the United States can address this challenge.

To train the next generation of policy leaders, the National Bureau of Asian Research is launching the NBR Summer Seminar 2021: Managing the China Challenge. Participants in the summer seminar will examine and assess what is arguably the principal challenge of our time in international and human relations, the peaceful integration of China into an international system acceptable to the United States and other democracies. Through the seminar, participants will be able to assess the challenge that China poses to the United States and examine the strategic options for the United States moving forward.

The course will be held in NBR’s Seattle office. The seminar term runs eight weeks, with three-hour meetings each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Mondays and Wednesdays, these will be lectures by seminar instructor Dr. Richard Ellings or guest speakers. On Fridays, a teaching assistant will lead site visits to consulates, military bases, and other policy hubs in the greater Seattle area.

To apply to participate in the NBR summer seminar, candidates must identify one of the three tracks listed below and submit their cover letter, resume, and contact information for three references.

1) Student track (Tuition $1,000)

The student track is designed for current undergraduates and graduate students who have a demonstrated interest in U.S. policy toward Asia.

2) Retiree track (Tuition: $2,000)

The retiree track is for retired professionals who wish to learn more about U.S. policy toward Asia.

3) Professional track (Tuition: $2,500)

The professional track is for early or mid-career professionals who wish to learn more about U.S. policy toward Asia.