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Accelerated Digital Transformation in the Asia-Pacific—The Bright Side of Covid

On March 24, 2021, National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) Chairman’s Council hosted a Virtual Roundtable with Sherie Ng, General Manager, Public Sector, Microsoft Asia Pacific. The discussion was moderated by NBR board member Jonathan Roberts, Founder & Partner Ignition Partners.

Out of necessity, Covid-19 has brought about more open-minded and receptive perspectives and created unique opportunities for Asia-Pacific countries to accelerate their digital transformation journey. The old rulebook for digital adoption must change to play in this brand-new game. Why is digitization important? What are the biggest barriers? What are the best practices? In answering these questions, Ms. Ng discussed with participants how the pandemic has spurred digital innovation and accelerated the adoption of emerging technologies in APAC. She shared impacts (both positive and negative) entailed through the power of data and AI platforms and how government silos had broken down in order to deliver citizen centric services. Discussion touched on the perils this new digital era brings with the rise of cybersecurity threats that require strong collaboration among policymakers, the business community, government agencies, and individuals via shared information and partnerships. A key point made was that, ultimately, digital transformation is not just about technology but about putting people first. Thank you to all the participants for continuing to drive thought leadership and influence policies to create a better digital future for the common good. All in attendance enjoyed the stimulating conversation spurred by Ms. Ng’s answers to participant questions!

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Sherie Ng

Sherie Ng