2008 Energy Security Conference

On April 29–30, 2008, representatives from corporations, government, and academia convened in Washington, D.C. for NBR’s fourth annual Energy Security Conference, “Opportunities and Constraints: Prospects for Russian Oil and Gas Supply to Asia.” Participants examined a range of issues including the role of energy in Russia’s strategic vision, regional perspectives on Russia as a reliable energy supplier, and implications for U.S. policy in the region.



Energy Industry Recentralization: Key Players and Kremlin Politics
Mikhail Kroutikhin, RusEnergy

Central Asia: Energy Bridge to the East or Competitor?
Julia Nanay, PFC Energy

Russian Oil and Gas Supplies: Perspectives from China
Xia Yishan, China Institute of International Studies

Future Russian Energy Supply to Northeast Asia: A Japanese View
Yoshikazu Kobayashi, Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ)

Russian Oil and Gas Supplies: Perspectives from South Korea
Ji-Chul Ryu, Korea Energy Economics Institute


Commentary presentation on “Russia’s Strategic Vision”
Andreas Goldthau, RAND Corporation

Commentary presentation on “Russia’s Eastern Energy Program”
Matthew Sagers, Cambridge Energy Research Associates

Commentary presentation on “Japan’s Perspective” (Additional Notes)
Masumi Motomura, JOGMEC

Agenda, Speaker Bios, and Attendee List

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