Praise for the Strategic Asia Program

Now in its eighteenth year, the Strategic Asia Program aims to strengthen and inform strategic and policy decisions by providing innovative research on challenges and opportunities for U.S. national interests in the Asia-Pacific region. Read what leaders in government and academia have to say about the program.

“Every year NBR’s Strategic Asia assembles leading scholars and experts to analyze key aspects of international relations in the world’s most dynamic and important region. It has proven year in and year out to be the model for practical and timely analysis that still meets high scholarly standards for depth and rigor. This year’s excellent lineup takes on the important and often controversial issues of whether and how strategic culture affects the foreign relations of important regional actors, including the United States. This is must reading for anyone seriously interested in international relations in the 21st century.”
Thomas J. Christensen
Boswell Professor of World Politics, Princeton University and author of The China Challenge: Shaping the Choices of a Rising Power

“Strategic Asia’s annual analysis of Asian geopolitics is a valuable guide to the key players in regional security and economics. This year’s volume on strategic culture is essential as a new administration works with senior policymakers to craft security strategies for the Indo-Asia-Pacific.”
Jonathan W. Greenert
Former U.S. Chief of Naval Operations

“Every year this volume, like a fine wine, is more mature and wiser. When I was running the Asia office in the NSC, we would read this book, and several of the directors literally read it cover to cover.”
Michael J. Green
Former Senior Director for Asian Affairs, National Security Council; Senior Vice President for Asia and Japan Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies; Professor, Georgetown University

“I don’t know how often I’ve heard people quote from these volumes, and that doesn’t happen often in Washington.”
Kevin G. Nealer
Principal and Partner, The Scowcroft Group