The Impact of Sanctions on North Korea

The Impact of Sanctions on North Korea

by Rüdiger Frank, Sung-Yoon Lee, Catherine Jones, Roberta Cohen, and Justin Hastings
July 30, 2018

UN sanctions now target approximately 90% of North Korea’s publicly reported exports. In this roundtable, Rüdiger Frank, Sung-Yoon Lee, Catherine Jones, Justin V. Hastings, Roberta Cohen, and Robert Huish present a range of different perspectives on the impact that sanctions are having on North Korea and whether they will be successful in convincing the Kim regime to commit to the path of denuclearization.

Jessica Keough and Alison Szalwinski

Economic Sanctions against North Korea: The Wrong Way to Achieve the Wrong Goal?
Rüdiger Frank

Seoul’s Supporting Role in Pyongyang’s Sanctions-Busting Scheme
Sung-Yoon Lee

Sanctions as Tools to Signal, Constrain, and Coerce
Catherine Jones

The Complex Relationship between Sanctions and North Korea’s Illicit Trade
Justin V. Hastings

Sanctions Hurt but Are Not the Main Impediment to Humanitarian Operations in North Korea
Roberta Cohen

Making Sanctions Smart Again: Why Maritime Sanctions Have Worked against North Korea
Robert Huish


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