Strategic Asia 2019 (forthcoming)
China’s Expanding Strategic Ambitions

January 31, 2019

Forthcoming in January 2019, Strategic Asia 2019: China’s Expanding Strategic Ambitions, the eighteenth volume in the Strategic Asia series, describes how China seeks to reshape the international system to serve its strategic aims. Each chapter assesses the country’s ambitions in a particular geographic or functional area and presents policy options for the United States and its partners to address the challenges posed by a rising China.

Topics and Authors


Ashley J. Tellis

Russia and the Arctic

Elizabeth Wishnick

Northeast Asia and the East China Sea

Patricia Kim


Michael Chase

Southeast Asia and the South China Sea

Ja-Ian Chong

South Asia and the Indian Ocean

David Brewster

The Belt and Road Initiative

Joel Wuthnow

China’s Maritime Interests

Andrew Erickson

China’s Financial Architecture

Rush Doshi

Overseas Development Assistance

Michael Tierney and Samantha Custer

China’s Promotion of New Global Values

François Godement