Strategic Asia 2001–02: Power and Purpose

Strategic Asia 2001–02
Power and Purpose

Edited by Richard J. Ellings and Aaron L. Friedberg
October 1, 2001 ISBN 0-9713938-0-X

In Strategic Asia 2001–02: Power and Purpose, the nation’s top Asia specialists and international relations experts outline the current strategic environment in the Asia Pacific and then ask what will “strategic Asia” look like in five to ten years. Current threats to peace and stability are assessed, and, through innovative, long-term forecasts the authors consider how the strategic environment could change incrementally or dramatically from plausible “non-linear” events and developments. Strategic Asia 2001–02 transcends traditional estimates of military balances by incorporating economic, political, and demographic data, and by focusing on the strategies and perceptions that drive policy in the region.

Strategic Asia

The Strategic Asia annual edited volume incorporates assessments of economic, political, and military trends and focuses on the strategies that drive policy in the region. Learn more about Strategic Asia.