Special Roundtable: What If? Economic Implications of a Fundamental Shift in North Korean Security Policy

Special Roundtable
What If? Economic Implications of a Fundamental Shift in North Korean Security Policy

by Richard J. Ellings, Bradley Babson, Nicholas Eberstadt, and Marcus Noland
July 1, 2006

NBR organized a research project and international conference to examine the economic consequences of two radically different courses that North Korean security policy could follow. This roundtable features abridged version of papers from the conference.

Visualizing a North Korean “Bold Switchover”: International Financial Institutions and Economic Development in the DPRK
Bradley O. Babson

What issues would be involved in the mobilization of international aid to support any future “bold switchover” in North Korea’s security policy? What are the possible roles for international financial institutions (IFI) such as the World Bank? This essay argues that any IFI role would require major shifts in the way that North Korea currently shares information, develops economic policies and institutional capacities, and works with foreign partners.

The Economic Implications of a North Korean Nuclear Test
Marcus Noland

A North Korean nuclear test would likely have a negative, though non-catastrophic, economic impact on East Asia as a region. This essay provides a brief country-by-country overview of such likely effects and points out the need for the international community to avoid such a scenario.

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