Sizing the Chinese Military

Sizing the Chinese Military

by Dennis J. Blasko, Roy D. Kamphausen, Ellis Joffe, Phillip C. Saunders, Bernard D. Cole, Erik Quam, Cortez A. Cooper III, Andrew Scobell, Michael McDevitt, Larry Wortzel, Michael R. Chambers, and David M. Finkelstein
July 1, 2007

Nine short essays highlight three themes with implications for policymakers that emerged from the 2006 PLA conference “Exploring the ‘Right Size’ for China’s Military: PLA Missions, Functions, and Organization.”

Andrew Scobell & Roy Kamphausen

The “Right Size” for China’s Military: To What Ends?
Ellis Joffe

Framing the Problem: China’s Threat Environment
Michael R. Chambers

China’s National Military Strategy: An Overview of the “Military Strategic Guidelines”
David M. Finkelstein

“Preserving the State”: Modernizing and Task-Organizing a “Hybrid” PLA Ground Force
Cortez A. Cooper III

PLA Ground Force Modernization Underway in All Military Regions, Preparing for a Variety of Missions
Dennis J. Blasko

Rightsizing the People’s Liberation Army Navy: How Much Naval Force Will Beijing Deploy by 2016?
Bernard D. Cole

PLA Navy Building: Rationale and Prospects for the Future
Michael McDevitt

The Future Force Structure of the Chinese Air Force
Phillip C. Saunders & Erik Quam

China: Warfare in the Information Age
Larry Wortzel

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