Russia and the New World Disorder

Bobo Lo's Russia and the New World Disorder

by Olga Oliker, Agnia Grigas, Kimberly Marten, Bobo Lo, Michael Kofman, and Charles E. Ziegler
July 27, 2016

In this book review roundtable, five experts discuss Bobo Lo’s Russia and the New World Disorder, followed by a response essay from the author.

Download the book review roundtable.

Putin’s Ideology of Multipolarism
Kimberly Marten

A New Russia Framework for the New Order
Agnia Grigas

Bringing Order Out of Chaos: Russia’s Aspirations to Greatness
Charles E. Ziegler

The Russia We Have
Olga Oliker

The Russian Dream: Power without Substance
Michael Kofman

Author’s Response: Russia and the New World Disorder—One Year Later
Bobo Lo

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