Policymaker’s Library

Policymaker's Library

January 5, 2009

Reviews of select books published in 2008.

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The Policymaker’s Library presents one-page Executive Summaries of books that draw findings relevant to the intersection between policy and Asia.

Ellen L. Frost; Bobo Lo; Daniel A. Bell; C. Fred Bergsten, Charles Freeman, Nicholas R. Lardy, and Derek J. Mitchell; Yong Deng; Warren W. Smith Jr.; Ulrike Schaede; Kurt M. Campbell; Andrew MacIntyre, T.J. Pempel, and John Ravenhill; Saori N. Katada and Mireya Solís; Kent E. Calder and Francis Fukuyama; Apichai W. Shipper; Tai Ming Cheung; Davis B. Bobrow; Yun-han Chu, Larry Diamond, Andrew J. Nathan, and Doh Chull Shin; Arvind Panagariya; Jalal Alamgir; David Shambaugh and Michael Yahuda; Yong Wook Lee; Saadia M. Pekkanen; C. Christine Fair; Kishore Mahbubani; Andrew L. Oros; Vinod K. Aggarwal, Min Gyo Koo, Seungjoo Lee, and Chung-in Moon; Bill Emmott; Pavel K. Baev; Parag Khanna; Bruce J. Dickson

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