Navnita Chadha Behera’s <em>Demystifying Kashmir</em>

Navnita Chadha Behera's Demystifying Kashmir

by Teresita C. Schaffer, Navnita Chadha Behera, Shalendra Sharma, Sumit Ganguly, and Robert G. Wirsing
January 1, 2007

Four review essays on the book Demystifying Kashmir are followed by an author response essay.

Download the book review roundtable.

Re-Mystifying Kashmir
Robert Wirsing

Putting the Kashmiris into the Kashmir Issue
Teresita C. Schaffer

Explaining the Kashmir Conundrum: Prospects and Limitations
Sumit Ganguly

The Kashmir Quagmire: How to End It
Shalendra Sharma

Author’s Response
Navnita Chadha Behera

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