Kenneth B. Pyle’s <em>Japan Rising</em> and Richard J. Samuels’ <em>Securing Japan</em>

Kenneth B. Pyle's Japan Rising and Richard J. Samuels' Securing Japan

by Kenneth B. Pyle, Mike M. Mochizuki, Ming Wan, T. J. Pempel, Richard J. Samuels, and Christopher W. Hughes
July 1, 2007

Book reviews and author responses from Asia Policy 4 (July 2004).

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The Pendulum Swings toward a Rising Sun
T.J. Pempel

Change in Japan’s Grand Strategy: Why and How Much?
Mike M. Mochizuki

Japan’s Rise and Its Alliance with the United States
Ming Wan

Japan’s Doctoring of the Yoshida Doctrine
Christopher W. Hughes

Author’s Response: How Japan Balances Strategy and Constraint
Richard J. Samuels

Author’s Response: The Primacy of Foreign Policy in Modern Japan
Kenneth B. Pyle

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