Paper from the 2013 Pacific Energy Summit

Forging a New Trans-Pacific Energy Trade
Opportunities and Challenges

by Mikkal E. Herberg
April 4, 2013

This working paper by Mikkal E. Herberg (The National Bureau of Asian Research; University of California, San Diego) was commissioned for the 2013 Pacific Energy Summit on “Forging Trans-Pacific Cooperation for a New Energy Era.”

Mikkal E. Herberg is a Senior Lecturer in the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at
the University of California–San Diego and Research Director of NBR’s Energy Security Program.

This working paper was commissioned by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) and The
National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) for the 2013 Pacific Energy Summit. The views in this paper
are those of the author and not necessarily those of APF Canada or NBR.