China in the Year 2020

China in the Year 2020

by Mercy Kuo, Andrew Marble, Cheng Li, Pieter Bottelier, Fenggang Yang, and David M. Lampton
July 1, 2007

This Asia Policy roundtable explores scenario planning as a method of “bridging the gap” between academic research and policymaking.

China in 2020: Bridging the Academic-Policy Gap with Scenario Planning
Mercy Kuo & Andrew D. Marble

Alternative Security and Foreign Policy Futures for China: 2020
David M. Lampton

China in the Year 2020: Three Political Scenarios
Cheng Li

China’s Economy in 2020: The Challenge of a Second Transition
Pieter Bottelier

Cultural Dynamics in China: Today and in 2020
Fenggang Yang

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