Strengthening APEC's Innovation Agenda

APEC is the only Asia-Pacific multilateral organization in which the United State participates at the summit level. Since President Bill Clinton hosted the first APEC Leaders’ meeting in 1993, the forum has grown to address a wide range of important trade issues and has facilitated closer linkages and rapid economic growth among its members.

To support APEC Leaders’ and Ministers’ goal of leveraging health information technology (HIT) advances to prevent and combat infectious diseases, NBR coordinated an interactive seminar in August of 2009 for the APEC Health Working Group and in cooperation with the Life Sciences Innovation Forum. NBR has extensive experience in convening outcome oriented, cross-sectoral meetings on leveraging HIT advances for better outcomes. NBR also served as the Secretariat for the Pacific Health Summit, which sought to connect science, industry, and policy for a healthier world.