Clara Gillispie
Senior Director of Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs
Ashley Johnson
Project Manager, Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs

Pacific Energy Summit Advisors

The Pacific Energy Summit advisors guide each Summit from conception to conclusion. Lending their voices in the development of the programming and participating in the Summit itself, these leaders in their respective fields drive the success of the event year after year.

Stewart Beck
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Mikkal Herberg
University of California, San Diego;

Chen Weidong
Renmin University; CNOOC Energy Economics Institute

Ken Koyama
The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Peter Hughes
Peter Hughes Energy Advisory Limited

Tadashi Maeda
Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Kevin Lynch
BMO Financial Group

Keun-Wook Paik
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies;
Chatham House

Meredith Miller
Albright Stonebridge Group;

Mark Thurber
Stanford University

James Slutz
National Petroleum Council

Wang Zhen
China National Petroleum Corporation

Summit Advisor Mark Thurber joins the discussion at the 2016 Pacific Energy Summmit.

Summit Advisor Meredith Miller introduces a session at the 2016 Pacific Energy Summit.

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