Alison Szalwinski
Vice President of Research
[email protected]

U.S.-ROK Next Generation Leaders Program Components

Delegation – The NextGen Leaders will be selected from young professionals and midcareer experts who work in the policy field and have a background in Northeast Asia but have thus far had limited experience with Korean policy issues. These participants will represent the promising bright minds in the Asia policy field who are likely to work on these issues and shape U.S. policy in the years to come.

Delegation Trips РTwice a year, NBR will lead a group of NextGen Leaders on a week-long educational trip to Seoul. The delegation will engage in discussions with representatives from South Korean government agencies and at leading research institutes, attend events with ROK National Assembly members, visit important historical sites, and engage in activities to develop a strong appreciation of South Korea’s vibrant culture. A senior expert on ROK policy issues and U.S.-ROK relations will accompany the delegation, guide the conversation between the NextGen Leaders and Korean counterparts, and ensure a productive dialogue.

Pre-Trip Informational Meetings – In order to prepare participants for their trip to Seoul, NBR will bring together the NextGen Leaders and provide core readings to help establish a background understanding of U.S.-Korea policy issues. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other, begin an ongoing dialogue on policy issues, and develop long-term ties of common interest in the U.S.-ROK relationship.

Alumni Networking Activities – In order to sustain the connections established between NextGen Leaders and the Korean policy community, NBR will institute an alumni networking program consisting of social activities in Washington, D.C., that bring together potential recruits and program alumni. The events will serve to deepen the ties and friendships developed during the exchange trips and extend the conversation on core policy issues of the U.S.-ROK relationship into the future.