Asia's Evolving Life Science Sector

Current Research

The Globalization of China’s Life Science Sector

Our China-focused research examines Chinese government support for its life sciences sector and the implications for international scientific competition and innovation, as well as its broader impact on U.S.-China political and economic relations.

We provide analysis of numerous Chinese government actions and policies that represent a departure from international trade norms, as well as the ability of the country’s policies to be as disruptive to global life science R&D and drug commercialization as they have been for clean-tech. Learn more.

Leveraging New Investments in Japan’s Life Science Sector for Renewed Economic Growth

Our Japan-focused research examines Japan’s ability to leverage the life sciences as a key driver of economic growth. We explore the implications of new reforms on domestic collaboration and innovation. We also provide analysis on competition within the Asia-Pacific region from countries with similar objectives but more mercantilist approaches.

Health Project Leadership

Claire Topal, Senior Advisor, International Health

Benjamin Shobert, Senior Associate, International Health

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