Thomas E. Fisher

Honorary Member of the Board

Senior Vice President
Unocal Corporation (Ret.)

Thomas E. Fisher served on NBR’s Board of Directors from September 1999 to October 2004 and became Honorary Director in April 2005. He was Senior Vice President of Commercial Affairs for the Unocal Corporation prior to his retirement in 2004. His responsibilities included commercial counseling and services for Unocal’s oil, gas, and electric activities worldwide.

During his 34 years with Unocal, Mr. Fisher held various positions in operations, commerce, and management, both domestically and internationally. Mr. Fisher played an important role in establishing one of Asia’s first natural gas industries in Thailand. His work contributed to the expansion of natural gas and electric industries throughout southern Asia.

In 1987 he was appointed Vice President of U.S. Natural Gas and was subsequently made responsible for natural gas sales, transportation administration, and regulatory affairs for all of North America and later worldwide.

In 1994 Mr. Fisher became Corporate Vice President, a position that gave him responsibility for marketing Unocal’s worldwide gas, oil, and NGL resources. Two years later he was entrusted with the development of electric power projects, acquisitions and divestitures, strategic planning, and significant commercial negotiations.

Currently a member of the President’s Endowed Scholarship Foundation of Texas A&M University, Mr. Fisher is a former Director of the Natural Gas Council and he served on the Board of Advisors of the Gas Research Institute. He is a registered professional engineer.

Mr. Fisher graduated from Texas A&M University in 1966 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.