Naiyu Kuo

Congressional Affairs

[email protected]

Naiyu Kuo is an intern with Congressional Affairs at NBR.

Ms. Kuo is currently a second-year graduate student in International Affairs at George Washington University, where she concentrated her studies on both international security studies and Asian studies. Her research interests include U.S.-China relations, cross-Strait issues, and U.S. foreign policy toward East Asia, particularly in political and security dimensions.

Ms. Kuo holds a BA in Korean language and culture with a diplomacy minor from National Chengchi University in Taiwan. After graduation, she spent a year working for Taiwan Knowledge Bank as a global education consultant in Taipei City. Prior to joining NBR, Ms. Kuo was an intern at the Formosan Association for Public Affairs, where she conducted policy research on U.S.-China-Taiwan relations. Born and raised in Taiwan, she speaks Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese with native fluency, and has working proficiency in Korean.