Kendra Schaefer

Nonresident Fellow
The National Bureau of Asia Research (NBR)

Kendra Schaefer

Kendra Schaefer is a partner at Beijing-based strategic advisory consultancy Trivium China. She leads Trivium tech policy research team, keeping investors, companies, and governments briefed on Chinese tech regulation, government data and tech infrastructure projects, and the data and technologies underpinning China’s social credit system. She is chief editor of Trivium’s premium Trivium Tech Daily newsletter, a daily policy brief on Trivium’s analysis on government-driven Chinese tech developments.

Kendra has been in China since 2002. She began her career as a user researcher and developer, building cross-cultural interfaces for foreign firms entering the China market, and moved into consulting on Chinese interfaces and user behavior. She has consulted on over 150 digital projects for both SMEs and multinationals.