Joachim Kempin

Honorary Member of the Board

Senior Vice President
Microsoft Corporation (Ret.)

Joachim Kempin joined NBR’s Board of Directors in 1999 and, because of his extraordinary service to the institution, was elected as the first Honorary Director in June 2002. Prior to his retirement from Microsoft, he oversaw all worldwide OEM sales, marketing, and support activities as the company’s Senior Vice President. He was responsible for developing Microsoft’s relationships with its PC manufacturing and OEM distribution partners worldwide, as well as for the licensing of desktop operating systems and other Microsoft products for hardware vendors.

While at Microsoft Mr. Kempin was a member of the Microsoft Business Leadership Team, a group responsible for the company’s strategic and business planning. A committed corporate leader both in the United States and abroad, he was visible part of Microsoft since he joined the company in 1983.

He began as General Manager of Microsoft’s German subsidiary and moved on to spearhead groups such as Product Support Services and International Products Localization. Subsequently, he managed all business operations for Microsoft’s intercontinental subsidiaries. Mr. Kempin played a long-term, key role in the OEM division.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Mr. Kempin held various management positions at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in both Germany and the United States. He spent nine years with DEC before moving to Apple Computers in France where he worked as their European Software Marketing Manager.

Mr. Kempin holds a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Hanover in Germany.