Erin Schneider

Project Manager

Project Manager
The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR)

Erin Schneider is a Project Manager at NBR in the Center for Health and Aging (CHA).

As a Project Manager, Ms. Schneider manages and supports NBR projects and initiatives within CHA. In this capacity, she coordinates research on key global health issues, publications, and logistics for a range of projects, primarily related to the annual Pacific Health Summit. Ms. Schneider also supports program development and outreach for the Summit.

Prior to arriving at NBR, Ms. Schneider worked as a Statistical Analyst for the International Diabetes Federation. Ms. Schneider earned a BA in International Political Economy from the University of Puget Sound and an MA in Public Health from Oregon State University, with a concentration in global health and development studies. As an undergraduate, Ms. Schneider attended the University of London, where she studied economics.

Contact: Seattle Office

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