Clare Richardson-Barlow

Nonresident Fellow
The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR)

Clare Richardson-Barlow

Clare Richardson-Barlow is a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds where she examines industrial decarbonisation from a political economy perspective and teaches on Asia-Pacific political economy topics. Clare is an interdisciplinary social scientist whose research and teaching explores energy policy, political economy, and energy governance. Dr. Richardson-Barlow has over 10 years’ experience researching and working as a political economist with a focus on energy transitions and climate compatible development in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. Most recently she was awarded a British Academy grant for exploring just energy transitions in the Asia-Pacific, with a focus on disturbed energy systems in ASEAN.

Prior to joining the University of Leeds Dr. Richardson-Barlow worked for many years at internationally focused policy research organisations in Washington, D.C., including the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) and the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS). As Assistant Director for Trade, Economic & Energy Affairs at NBR Dr. Richardson-Barlow oversaw a global network of authors & contributors and managed contracts and projects focused on bridging the gap between energy consumption and economic development.

Dr. Richardson-Barlow currently serves as a Non-Resident Fellow for NBR where she provides expertise related to energy policy, energy transitions, and the political economy of decarbonisation.

Dr. Richardson-Barlow has contributed to three book publications and multiple policy briefs, reports and articles written on energy and trade topics. She regularly works with international research organisations to provide expertise at the intersection of climate, development, and energy policy. In this capacity she frequently engages with government and media on cross-sector issues related to global energy transitions and has been featured in The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and the Diplomat, among other publications.

Dr. Richardson-Barlow holds a PhD in sustainability research and East Asian studies from the University of Leeds. She has an MA in International Development and Public Policy from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, and she holds a BA in Politics and Chinese from Pacific University in Oregon, USA.