India’s Strategic Environment and Defense Policies Workshop

The National Bureau of Asian Research, in partnership with India’s Observer Research Foundation, convened a two-and-a-half workshop in New Delhi from April 23-25, 2009, to examine in depth the strategic, organizational, operational, and tactical dimensions of India’s security policies and its military modernization efforts in order to assess their implications for India’s regional relations, India’s role as an emerging great power in the global system, and future U.S.-India cooperation.


PANEL I: Framing the Problem

Panel Chair
Ashley J. Tellis, NBR

India in the Current World Order/Power Equations

C. Raja Mohan, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Regional Security Challenges in Asia and the Indian Ocean Region

Brahma Chellaney, Center for Policy Research

India’s Internal Security Challenges

Ajai Sahni, Institute for Conflict Management

PANEL II: National Security and Defense Strategy (Part A)

Panel Chair
KK Nayyar, ORF

National Security and Defense Strategy
P R Chari, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies

Defense Planning

BM Kapur

PANEL III: National Security and Defense Strategy (Part B)

Panel Chair: Roy D. Kamphausen, NBR

Defense Budgeting

Amiya Kumar Ghosh, Centre for Air

Power Studies, Civil-Military Relations

V.R. Rhagavan, Delhi Policy Group

PANELl IV: Implementation of Strategy (Part A)

Panel Chair
Vinayak Patankar, ORF>

The Ground Forces

Gurmeet Kanwal, Centre for Land Warfare Studies

The Indian Navy

Raja Menon

PANEL V: Implementation of Strategy (Part B)

Panel Chair
VP Malik, ORF

The Indian Air Force

Jasjit Singh, Centre for Air Power Studies

Nuclear Capabilities

K. Santhanam

PANEL VI: Defense Research & Development and Industry

Panel Chair
Ashley J. Tellis, NBR

Defense Research and Development

Deba Mohanty, ORF

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The workshop was the first in NBR’s multi-year initiative, U.S.-India Engagement on Defense Cooperation.