Engaging North Korea

What Role for the U.S.-ROK Alliance?

Event Details
Thursday, December 13, 2018
10:00–11:40 a.m.

University of Seoul
163 Seoulsiripdae-ro, Jeonnong 2(i)-dong, Dongdaemun-gu
Seoul, Republic of Korea

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This roundtable is designed to be a frank, highly interactive conversation on the varied priorities and perspectives that drive ROK strategies for engagement with the DPRK, as well as a chance for experts to offer their assessment of major efforts to date. In doing so, it seeks to highlight the unique and shared challenges facing the United States and the Republic of Korea in framing strategic, economic, and geopolitical approaches to bolstering stability on the peninsula and in Northeast Asia more broadly. As the culmination of this session, participants will be invited to identify areas where the alliance can be strengthened to support shared goals and interests.

9:40–10:00 a.m. | REGISTRATION


Se Hyun Ahn, University of Seoul

Alison Szalwinski, The National Bureau of Asian Research

Special Remarks

Ambassador Mark Lippert, Former U.S. Ambassador to Republic of Korea; Boeing International

10:15–11:35 a.m. | PANEL DISCUSSION

Alison Szalwinski, The National Bureau of Asian Research

Beom Chul Shin, The Asan Institute for Policy Studies

Seok Woo Kim, University of Seoul

Jeong Hee Lee, University of Seoul

Ji Hwan Hwang, University of Seoul

11:35–11:40 a.m. | CONCLUSION

Event Co-hosts

The National Bureau of Asian Research and the University of Seoul

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