Michael Wills
Executive Vice President

Developments on the Korean Peninsula

Challenges to Regional Security, and the U.S.-ROK Alliance

On November 29, 2018, the East Asia Institute and NBR’s Kenneth B. and Anne H.H. Pyle Center for Northeast Asia Studies convened a select group of academic, government, and business leaders to discuss U.S.-ROK relations and the denuclearization of North Korea. Participants discussed the political, economic, and security situation on the Korean Peninsula before turning to the implications of a denuclearized North Korea on the broader Indo-Pacific region.

Professor Kenneth B. Pyle (foreground) with event participants.

Jaemin Lee, Yul Sohn, Stephen Lanza, Young-Sun Ha, Richard J. Ellings, Sang Hyun Lee, and Michael Wills

Left to right: Participants Jaemin Lee (Professor, Seoul National University School of Law), Yul Sohn (President, East Asia Institute), Stephen Lanza (Senior Resident Fellow, NBR), Young-Sun Ha (Chairman, East Asia Institute), Richard J. Ellings (President, NBR), Sang Hyun Lee (Senior Research Fellow, Sejong Institute), and Michael Wills (Executive Vice President, NBR).

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