Charting a Path Forward for Strengthened U.S.-Japan Economic Ties

Following the U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the path forward for strengthening U.S.-Japan economic relations became less clear. On September 11, 2018, NBR convened a full-day workshop in Seattle to explore options for increasing economic growth, trade, and investment between the two allies and jointly addressing Chinese economic policies.



Richard J. Ellings, President, NBR
Yoichiro Yamada, Consul-General of Japan in Seattle

SESSION 1: New Opportunities to Strengthen U.S.-Japan Economic Relations


Charles W. Boustany, Counselor, NBR, and former U.S. Representative

U.S. and Japanese Economic Statecraft: How the United States and Japan Can Strengthen Common Goals Using Economic Policy

Saori N. Katada, University of Southern California

Streamlining U.S.-Japan Trade without the TPP: Potential Frameworks for Trade and Investment Governance

Junji Nakagawa, University of Tokyo

Business Sector Leading the Way: How the Private Sector Is Building Trade Connections Outside Governmental Frameworks

Ulrike Schaede, University of California, San Diego


Japan in a New Era

Kenneth B. Pyle, University of Washington

SESSION 2: Coordinating U.S.-Japan Responses to Chinese Economic Policies

Understanding China’s Economic and Strategic Ambitions

Charles W. Boustany, NBR

U.S.-Japan Strategic Coordination: Can the Two Allies Partner to Counter China’s Economic Policies?

Takashi Terada, Doshisha University

Made in China 2025 and Japan’s Policy Responses

Toshiya Tsugami, President of Tsugami Workshop and former Director for Northeast Asia, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan


Richard J. Ellings, NBR

Thank you to our sponsor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, for making this workshop possible with their generous support.

Saori Katada
Panelist Saori Katada (University of Southern California) speaks to roundtable participants on U.S. and Japanese economic statecraft.

Panelist Ulrike Schaede (University of California, San Diego) discusses how the private sector is leading the way in growing U.S.-Japan trade and economic partnerships.

Toshiya Tsugami
Panelist Toshiya Tsugami (Tsugami Workshop) shares his views on China’s Made in China 2025 plan.

Japan Workshop Participants
Participants mingle at a post-workshop reception.
Left to right: Michael Wills (NBR), Toshiya Tsugami (Tsugami Workshop), Hiroshi Tajima (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan), Ulrike Schaede (University of California, San Diego), Ashley Dutta (NBR), Junji Nakagawa (University of Tokyo), Saori Katada (University of Southern California), and Charles Boustany (NBR).