Asia EDGE Fellows Program FAQs

Frequently asked questions are answered below.

Are applicants required to have a specific type of energy background to be considered for the Asia EDGE Fellows program?

No, the Asia EDGE fellows program welcomes applications from a diversity of backgrounds in the energy field including renewable energy technology, oil and gas, energy transition, power generation, energy policy, and energy infrastructure. However, the program values knowledge of regional gas market development and highly encourages applicants to highlight their experience engaging in this segment of the energy sector.

The Asia EDGE Fellows Program says it offers a remote fellowship. Does this allow me to work at my organization as a fulltime employee with a regular salary?

The Asia EDGE Fellows Program is a nonresident, remote fellowship. By design, the Asia EDGE Fellows Program was meant to allow fellows to continue working at their respective organizations over the course of their fellowship term. Selected Asia EDGE Fellows will contribute to NBR’s research remotely and will be provided opportunities to participate in workshops, roundtables, and briefings with policymakers, both in-region and in Washington, D.C., through the two planned Asia EDGE conferences.

How long should I plan to be away from my organization when participating in an Asia EDGE conference?

Planned activities for each of the Asia EDGE conferences are scheduled to take place over the period of one to one and a half days. Asia EDGE fellows should anticipate leaving their respective organizations for 3-5 days per conference depending on the travel needed to attend to event.

What are the additional travel expenses covered by the fellowship?

The Asia EDGE Fellows Program provides a modest stipend of $3,500 to its fellows. This stipend is separate from the additional travel expenses available under the program. Additional travel expenses covered under the fellowship include roundtrip economy airfare to the two planned Asia EDGE conferences, and 3 to 5 days at the U.S. Government per diem rate for hotel, meals, and incidentals for the location of the event attended.

U.S. Government per diem rates can be found at the following link:

What are the expected impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

As the pandemic continues to affect all of us, events in the D.C. area and around the world are being held virtually. This is likely to be the case at least until early summer. NBR has successfully held workshops and conferences virtually, and if necessary for everyone’s safety, will continue to do so. Currently, we are hopeful that some international travel will be possible in the period of the Fellows class of 2021, but will keep all Fellows updated on the status going forward.

Are Asia EDGE Fellows required to participate in/attend the two Asia EDGE conferences?

No, fellows are not required to attend or participate in the two planned Asia EDGE conferences. However, participation is strongly desired and encouraged.

Will Fellows complete their original writing product independently or will they be working within a team?

Since the Asia EDGE Fellows Program was designed to be a remote fellowship, participating fellows are expected to complete research independently. Fellows are welcome to co-author research alongside NBR authors, but this is not required.

Is there a specified final deliverable for the original writing product?

No, NBR will work with selected fellows to help them identify a final deliverable that will best suit their own professional development. Potential original writing products could include commentaries, expert interviews, essay additions in Asia Policy, and/or working papers.